Teenage Penis: Body Development at 12-14 Years and What Affects Size

The developmental physiology of boys is significantly different from that of women. An important step is the formation of the genital organs, including the size of the adolescent's penis. What stages does a boy go through, becoming a man, and when it is worth seeking the help of a doctor - he read on.

Adolescents interested in the physiology of sexual development

Physiology of sexual development in men

Sexual development in boys begins later than in girls. Therefore, in a certain period, adolescents experience a brilliant wave of physical growth. Female peers are formed about 2 years earlier.

Boys' bodies begin to succumb to the first significant age-related changes at the age of 10-12. Doctors believe that early sexual development, when accompanied without pathology, will help strengthen men's health and alleviate problems in the future.

The development of children by age stages:

  1. 12 years.The first serious changes appear in the boy, a strong growth spurt is observed. From about 11-12 years, the boy's penis begins to grow. At rest, the size of him ranges from 4 to 6 cm. At the age of 12, the size of the scrotum increases.
  2. 13 years.Another important year for a teenager. The boy begins to grow hair not only on the head, but also on the face. The older the boy, the more the surface of the body is covered with hair.
  3. 14 years.There is a crack in the voice. This process can start sooner or later, a lot depends on hereditary factors. The Adam's apple forms in the thyroid cartilage of the larynx. It is at this age that the formation of the male voice and the Adam's apple begins.
  4. 15 years.Around this age, boys begin to grow underarm hair. Such hair growth can occur even earlier, at the age of 13-14. Teenage facial hair turns into a mustache. At this age, the formation and production of sperm in the testicles. Teens have wet dreams - spontaneous ejaculations.
  5. 16-18 years.It is difficult to specify the specific age of the last stage of a man's formation. Some already at the age of 16 become proud owners of a strong body, their adolescent member reaches 10-16 cm in length, a beard appears on their faces.

At the age of 16-20, boys become full-fledged men from a physiological point of view, puberty occurs. At this age, the ability to conceive appears. The process is individual, the body can be fully formed even by the age of 13.

Psychological readiness for adulthood and the desire to have children are observed much later. At the age of 10-11, parents should have a conversation about the boy's sexual development. It is better to entrust such a conversation to the father.

At the age of 16, a teenager can become the owner of a strong body

Changes in penis size based on age

The penis of boys grows from 11 to 20 years. Not only external, but also internal factors affect the size of the penis. Genetic predisposition is of great importance. The size of the penis depends on the member of the father.

You can influence the growth of male dignity by yourself. From childhood, it is worth making sure that the boy leads a healthy lifestyle, eats more protein foods and plays sports. At first, growth will be slow, but as the boy grows, the dynamics increase rapidly. The approximate parameters of physical development, including the size of the penis for years, can be estimated in the table.

Age, years Height (cm Length of the penis at rest, cm Penis circumference at rest, cm The length of the penis in a state of erection, cm
eleven 136-148 3-5 6. 8 4-8. 5
12 140-154 4-6 7. 6 5. 7-9. 7
13 144-160 5-7 9. 9 8. 7-12. 7
fourteen 152-168 6-8 10. 3 11-15
fifteen 159-175 6-8 10. 7 11. 3-15. 3
16 163-179 6. 5-9. 5 eleven 12. 1-16. 1
17 167-179 7. 5-10. 5 11. 5 12. 5-16. 5
eighteen 169-181 8. 5-11. 5 12 12. 5-16

The maximum length of the penis is formed from the age of 17-18. In addition, the growth of manhood does not stop, but the tissues are now developing in amplitude, there is a thickening and compaction of the organ. The process ends completely at the age of 20, when there is an increase in sexual interest in the opposite sex.

A man's sexual activity persists for a long time. After the age of 60 there may be a slight decrease in size due to the man's sexual inactivity. Fertility can be present until the end of life.

The approximate average penis size for a man is 13-16cm Genetically, someone will be more or less lucky.

Scientists have shown that 5 centimeters is enough to satisfy a woman during sexual intercourse.

The average penis size of a teenager at the end of the training is 13-16 cm

What affects the size

The first and most important factor that affects men's health is heredity. The length of a young person's penis depends on genetic predisposition. First of all - the size of the father's penis, and then - other close relatives.

A length of less than 7 cm can indicate a hormonal imbalance in the body. Therefore, it is important to visit an andrologist for preventive purposes at the age of 10. A boy's erectile ability depends on the functioning of the endocrine system. Small genitals can not only form an inferiority complex, but also cause health problems.

In addition to the boy's internal health, external factors affect the length. People say that sexually active men have a larger penis size. However, scientists attribute this to increased self-confidence.

In a state of erection, the penis can increase by 2 times in length and thickness. The corpus cavernosum of the penis is filled with arterial blood, which ensures the ascent of the organ. The most active tissue growth is observed at the age of 14-16.

Factors Affecting A Boy's Penis Size:

  • hormonal background (level of androgen hormones), the amount of testosterone produced in the testicles;
  • the constitution of a boy, obesity or overweight can visually make the sexual organ smaller, and metabolic processes in the body also slow down;
  • nutrition, with lack of nutrients and proteins, slow growth is observed;
  • the presence of bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption) slows down the metabolism;
  • chronic diseases and other pathological processes.

You can't change genetics. Hereditary diseases set certain parameters for the boy's development. If internal training cannot be influenced, then there is a chance to slightly improve the situation thanks to the right lifestyle.

Man enlarged his penis in his teens thanks to the right lifestyle


For the normal formation of human health, vitamins and minerals are needed. The lack of useful trace elements can provoke a halt in physical development. With the use of certain foods and the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is possible to increase the penis by 3-5 cm.

Food affects the functioning of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Thanks to proper nutrition, a normal level of androgens in the blood is maintained, normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs is maintained, and metabolism is accelerated.

What to eat to grow a penis:

  1. Walnuts. You can eat any nuts, but walnuts are especially helpful. They have a positive effect on the functioning of the genitourinary system, eliminating and preventing inflammation of the prostate gland. Blood circulation is accelerated, which positively affects the size and functionality of the phallus.
  2. Vitamins of group B. It is not necessary to use synthetic substitutes. The best choice is fresh fruits and vegetables. A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals is found in vegetables, nuts.
  3. Protein meals. Don't forget to eat more white and red meat. In the daily diet should be dishes of animal origin. Many proteins are found in chicken, eggs, beef, rabbit meat, fish, legumes and other products.

This is not the whole list, you can add herbal teas, liver and other offal, cereals. Potency is well influenced by the use of seafood, which are natural aphrodisiacs. But it is important to monitor the boy's normal weight and height. Obesity can slow down the growth of the genitals.

Reduce consumption, or refuse completely, you need the following dishes:

  • pastry, sweet pastry rich in carbohydrates;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • fatty foods, fast food and fast food.

Sausages, smoked and fried meats also slow down metabolic processes. When eating too salty food, the process of blood circulation in the tissues worsens, which leads to androgen deficiency.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, fatty sauces, fatty dairy products also negatively affect penis growth and testosterone synthesis. Beer increases the level of estrogen in a man's blood, which negatively affects potency. Sugar, sweet carbonated drinks not only interrupt the digestion process, but also prevent the growth of the phallus.

Diet rich in vitamins and minerals for teenage penis growth


In order not to know the end of the girls and to boast in the future of a large size, it is worth observing a certain lifestyle. Small and simple rules will help speed up physical development.

Lifestyle tips for a teenager:

  1. Skip the first aid kit. The use of synthetic drugs and additives should be minimized. Postpone the use of drugs in case of illness. But if the patient has a history of chronic pathologies, it is recommended to adhere to a medical prescription.
  2. Keep track of the KBJU level(calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates). Obesity slows down the growth process of a young organism. Eating a sweet bun will not be a hindrance, but normal eating disorders can negatively affect men's health.
  3. Give up bad habits. Say no to smoking. Cigarettes and nicotine increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 51%. And a study in Iran showed that a year after breaking a bad habit, 25% of former smokers noticed an improvement in the front of the bed.
  4. rest. Don't spend 24 hours a day at school or work. An increase in the level of anxiety causes impotence.
  5. Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Fewer hours slow down your metabolism and cause mental disorders. In order for life to be in full swing and the size of manhood does not decrease, it is worth sleeping more. Healthy sleep increases testosterone levels in the blood.
  6. Beware of viruses. A large accumulation of bacteria is in the oral cavity. Immune defenses are weakened if dental hygiene is not followed. Regular use of filo and pasta (2 times a day) helps maintain good health.
  7. Playing sports. Physical activity also has a positive effect on blood circulation and the level of sex hormones in the blood. But do not exaggerate. Using harmful steroid supplements causes sexual dysfunction.
  8. Be faithful to your girlfriend. This advice will help prevent sexually transmitted disease infection. In addition, fidelity will help maintain a normal psychological state.

It is also worth abandoning a sedentary lifestyle. According to statistics, employees are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Walk more outdoors. The right way of life will help the young man not to cope with unpleasant diseases.

Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the hormonal balance of adolescents

When to see an andrologist

If the boy's genitals don't develop quickly enough, you should make an appointment with an andrologist. It is recommended that you visit a doctor annually for preventive purposes to monitor normal growth rates.

If the boy has a small penis, phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin), cryptorchidism, or non-opening of the glans may be suspected.

Also, the andrologist will tell the teenager how to properly care for the genitals and foreskin, if the parents are embarrassed to emphasize the rules of intimate hygiene.