The most popular penis enlargement surgeries

If a man is not satisfied with the natural size of his penis, plastic surgery will help him. Penis enlargement is a common practice, so you don't have to worry about side effects. You can know the name of the penis enlargement operation, what results it will help to get directly from a plastic surgeon or urologist. Depending on the patient's wishes, it is possible to surgically increase the penis, both in length and thickness. Invasive and minimally invasive surgical penis enlargement may also be considered.

How to enlarge a penis using an operation called lipofilling?

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Autologous natural fat (i. e. collected from the patient) is injected into the penis to change its volume.

The advantage of lipofilling is that it can be performed under local anesthesia (although sedation can be offered to men with a low pain threshold).

Those interested in how penis enlargement surgery works should remember three simple steps:

  1. Collection of autologous fat. In the first stage, the doctor, using a special needle (cannula), will collect a small amount of fatty material from the thighs or abdomen. Don't be afraid, because in terms of pain, making a micro-incision is similar to a puncture of the skin when drawing blood from a vein.
  2. Preparation of fats. After taking the biological material, the laboratory assistant will process it, that is, the removal of fat-free tissues. This ensures that after the operation the elasticity and natural appearance of the penis is preserved (without tubercles, subcutaneous depressions).
  3. penis enlargement injection
  4. Injection of fat into the penis. The fat is injected through a small incision into the penis. The operation to increase the thickness of the penis is performed under local anesthesia: the doctor will very slowly introduce the subcutaneous material to obtain the most aesthetic result. The goal is for the penis to become evenly thick with respect to the glans. Before deciding on penis enlargement, it is necessary to study before and after photos in the portfolio of different doctors. The fact is that not all specialists know how to evenly distribute the filler. Be sure to check with your surgeon whether the fat will be injected through a regular needle or a special thin injector. Thanks to an innovative tool, the large fat cells responsible for the development of granulomas (unpleasant protuberances on the body of the penis) are filtered during the insertion process. It is also necessary to clarify in advance how the penis enlargement operation is performed: on an erect or flaccid organ. An experienced specialist will certainly provoke an artificial erection and only after that will give an injection. This ensures that the penis is uniformly bulky in both erect and flaccid states.

The results of penis enlargement surgery with lipofilling can be seen immediately after the injection. Lipofilling will increase the girth by approximately 30%. However, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that over time the results may gradually disappear. But plastic penis enlargement with lipofilling has many advantages:

  • 100% guarantee to get a thicker and more voluminous penis after the first injection;
  • absence of serious complications and side effects;
  • the use of the patient's cells (which excludes the development of allergic reactions);
  • very short rehabilitation period (normal sexual activity can be resumed approximately 3-4 weeks after the procedure).

Penis enlargement surgery with fillers is relatively inexpensive, so literally anyone can undergo the procedure. Lipofilling is also suitable for those who need an operation to increase the head of the penis, and not the entire trunk.

How is penis enlargement surgery performed using skin fat flap transplantation?

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As an alternative to lipofilling, the surgeon may suggest penis enlargement with a skin fat grafting operation. The material for transplantation is collected from the buttocks - a layer of fat is cut out with a piece of skin. The graft is then sutured around the shaft of the penis, which leads to an increase in thickness. Penis enlargement with implants from your own fatty tissue is more expensive than lipofilling. But the patient can expect a more even distribution of the material and an almost natural aesthetic appearance of the penis. However, such an operation to increase the penis has some disadvantages:

  • the operation lasts about three hours and requires the use of anesthesia;
  • it is necessary to cut the penis, which means that the scars will remain (in the future they can be removed);
  • unlike a fat injection, the body can reject the skin fat flap;
  • over time, the graft may shrink, which will lead to the penis returning to its old size;
  • it is quite difficult to remove the transplant (this will lead to the loss of the aesthetic appearance of the penis);
  • lipofilling will be prohibited.

However, complications are very rare, so the additional risks and costs (compared to lipofilling) will pay off in full with a long-term result.

How to enlarge the penis: surgery with silicone or gel implants

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A silicone or gel implant can be placed around the penis shaft instead of a flap of skin fat. Such plastic surgery to increase the penis is much more expensive than the above methods. However, the benefits are that there is no risk of penis size shrinking over time. In addition, the appearance of the penis will literally be "perfect", as the silicone or gel is evenly distributed.

The disadvantages and side effects include:

  • high risk of implant rejection;
  • a feeling of a state of a semi-erect member, even when the sexual organ is in a calm state;
  • development of fibrosis around the implant;
  • development of curvature;
  • implant perforation during sex in non-standard positions.

Penis enlargement surgery using a gel or silicone prosthesis is recommended for those men suffering from tissue relaxation.

How is the operation to augment a term using a matrix?

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Matrix is a sleeve shape made of biodegradable foam material (PLGA). The peculiarity of the matrix is that it grows in the patient's skin and then gradually decomposes into ordinary water and carbon dioxide.

The PLGA material is similar to what surgical sutures are made of. Matrix penis enlargement will show amazing results within the first six months. However, as soon as the frame begins to dissolve, the penis will gradually decrease. The end result will be the formation of a very thin layer of fibroblasts (cells that form scar tissue). The thickness of this fabric is 1-2 centimeters and this will be a permanent effect. Therefore, the use of the matrix is not very justified.

Such plastic surgery to increase the male penis is quite expensive, performed under general anesthesia and requires a long recovery. Therefore, if such a penis (plastic) increase is needed, everyone decides for himself.

The body's recovery process after penis enlargement

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The lipofilling operation is considered to be minimally invasive, so the patient can literally return to daily life the next day. But other penis enlargement surgeries require professional post-operative care. Plastic surgeons often tell patients that the 50% success rate of the procedure depends not on the operation itself, but on the rehabilitation process. Having figured out how much the penis can be enlarged by the operation, you need to talk to your doctor about how the body's restoration process will go. It is not enough to have a large penis, it needs to function normally. After the operations performed under general anesthesia, the patient will be under the supervision of a doctor for at least two weeks. It is very important to follow all the instructions, otherwise the time and money spent will not pay off. In some cases, you also need to re-enlarge the penis. The operation usually ends with the transfer of the patient to the operating room. Nurses will carry out regular washing, changing the bandages. After the patient has come to his senses, he will be given specific instructions which must be strictly followed.

Two weeks after the operation (if there are no complications), it will be necessary to start lengthening the penis (for this you can use an extender). Such training will prevent the development of congestion in the tissues of the penis and will also allow you to add another 2-3 centimeters to the length in an erect state. The longer you do the exercises, the better the results will be.

If you have had fat injections or a skin fat implant, you will also need to massage the soft tissues of the penis every day for several weeks. This will increase blood flow to the transplanted tissue, which means that a greater percentage of fat will remain in the body and will not divide under the influence of external factors.

Having received a positive answer to the question "is it possible to raise a member of the operation? " A man will have to decide on the type of procedure and prepare for a fairly long recovery period. Despite the fact that doctors give a 100% guarantee of a change for the better in the volume of the penis, you need to be prepared that the result may be temporary.